Slouching Towards Bethlehem, a “Podcast”: Episode 5

Hey folks. A few days ago, I hopped on Skype again with my buddies Geoff, Jonny, and Kyle and recorded another episode of our so-called podcast, “Slouching Towards Bethlehem.” As usual, it’s mostly just us having a free-wheeling conversation about things we’re interested in, but this time we did structure it a little differently. Instead of focusing solely on news articles, we decided to share some of the works of art (loosely speaking) that have meant the most to us during the pandemic. I’m thus calling it the “abreaction” episode. Abreaction is a concept in psychoanalysis that means “the expression and consequent release of a previously repressed emotion, achieved through reliving the experience that caused it (typically through hypnosis or suggestion).” Essentially, abreaction is strong emotional response—whether in the form of tears or laughter or just a great swell of feeling—that we often have with a work of art when it connects with us on a deep subconscious level.

Anyway, we each picked two works of art and shared a little about what each has meant to us. Finally, we finished up our conversation with a discussion around one news article. All of these are listed below. Enjoy!

Kyle’s picks:

Geoff’s picks:

Jonny’s picks:

Ben’s picks:

Ben’s bonus TV picks:

The article we discussed:

For anyone interested, you can take a listen below. Hope you have a great May. Cheers!


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