Slouching Towards Bethlehem, a “Podcast”: Episode 3

Hey folks. A few days ago I hopped on Skype again with my buddies Geoff, Jonny, and Kyle and recorded another “episode” of our so-called “podcast” — “Slouching Towards Bethlehem,” a nod to Yeats’ “The Second Coming.” As always, it’s basically just us having a free-wheeling conversation. Nothing too remarkable. Super basic production. Plenty of goofy moments. But the articles themselves are just interesting (like my buddies) and it’s also just fun to chat these days. Lord knows we’ve all been starved enough for social contact.

As before, the format is simple: We read brief excerpts from three recent articles and then we talk about them. That’s pretty much it. These were our three articles for this “episode,” recorded on March 6, 2021:

For anyone interested, you can take a listen below. Hope you have a great March. Cheers!

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