Slouching Towards Bethlehem, a “Podcast”: Episode 1

Look, I’ve never made a podcast, never been on a podcast, and generally don’t listen to podcasts. But I do miss talking to my friends, most of whom are scattered to the four corners of the earth. I also enjoy talking about interesting topics — politics, current events, art, music, literature, pop culture, high culture, education, international relations, development, economics, environmentalism, philosophy, religion, theology, history, archeology, health and well-being, sports, food, and just about everything in between. So, instead of waiting for the pandemic to end, I recently decided to get together some old buddies of mine on Skype, give the conversations some structure, and start recording them. I guess it’s technically a “podcast” — under the current working title “Slouching Towards Bethlehem,” an homage to Yeats’ “The Second Coming” — but it’s also extremely basic. For starters, I have ZERO clue how to use the Audacity editing software, and in fact, I drove myself half crazy just trying to put an intro and outro track on the recording. Also, my voice sounds ridiculous and there are lots of ums, uhs, and awkward silences. We’re truly not expecting anyone to listen to this, but I hope the conversations will be pretty interesting nonetheless.

The “structure” of our “podcast” is basically this: We read excerpts from three recent articles in the news and then we talk about them. That’s pretty much it. These were our three articles for this first “episode,” recorded on Dec. 31st, 2020:

Anyway, for anyone interested, you can take a listen below. Hope you have a great 2021. Cheers!

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