My Nine Favorite Sparkling Water Flavors of 2020

Here’s another free advertising post.

I used to look down on my nose at people who drank canned sodas all the time—don’t they know how bad it is for their health! But no more. The pandemic has made me a soda addict.

Granted, I’m not drinking the old syrupy stuff that gave my grandfather diabetes, but environmentally speaking, my addiction is just as terrible: I probably drink at least two cans a day and have done since the pandemic began. That’s a lot of aluminum. Sure hope it’s getting recycled…

Anyway, it’s been one of the guilty pleasures that has helped me survive this year, though not nearly as unhealthy as my chip, ice-cream, and cheese fixations.

Sparkling water is clearly not life-changing or anything, but it’s a nice little way to treat yourself during the day—at least if you love artificial flavors. I find some of my favorite flavors remind me of candy, popsicles, vitamins, “juice drink,” and other artificial stuff I scarfed down as a kid. I also love how creative some of the brands have gotten with their combinations.

So without further ado, in appreciation of all the little joys sparkling water has given me during this joy-stingy year, here are my nine favorites of 2020:

1.) LaCroix’s Limoncello

2.) Bubbly’s Strawberry

3.) Waterloo’s Grape

4.) LaCroix’s Blackberry-Cucumber (Muré Pepino)

5.) Bubbly’s White Peach Ginger

6.) AHA’s Blueberry-Pomegranate

7.) Bubbly’s Apple

8.) LaCroix’s Hibiscus flavor

9.) AHA’s Lime-Watermelon

For any sparkling water newbies, please note: I find they all taste better over ice rather than straight from the can. Also, not all of the above flavors are readily available. Most are though. Cheers!

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