Frankencorgies: 22 of My Favorite Corgi Mixes

Sometimes dog breeders are straight-up mad scientists and I love it. Particularly when it involves crossing corgis with various other breeds.

Sometimes, when Hannah and I are lounging around needing a little pick-me-up, we’ll just search up corgis crossed with other breeds. Some results are disturbing, but most of the time, they’re just super cute. They look like corgis working undercover. You should try it. Anyway, here, just for fun, are 22 of my favorite corgi mixes—in no particular order:

1.) Corgi-Beagles

2.) Corgi-Alaskan Malamutes

3.) Corgi-Great Danes

4.) Corgi-Labradors

5.) Corgi-Shiba Inus

6.) Corgi-Border Collies

7.) Corgi-Chihuahuas

8.) Corgi-Golden Retriever

9.) Corgi-Dalmatians

10.) Corgi-Cairn Terriers

11.) Corgi-Saint Bernards

12.) Corgi-Pugs

13.) Corgi-German Shepherds

14.) Corgi-Huskies

15.) Corgi-Poodles

16.) Corgi-Chow Chows

17.) Corgi-Shih Tzus

18.) Corgi-Yorkshire Terriers

19.) Corgi-Australian Shepherds

20.) Corgi-Jack Russell Terriers

21.) Corgi-Rottweilers

22.) Corgi-Bulldogs

I just want to say: congrats to all the dog chemists out there! This feels like a real accomplishment, the very height of 21st century innovation.


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